Cambodia: Three Year Drought, Upstream Dam Construction Affects Phnom Penh Water Supply

Agreement To Construct Additional $30 Million USD Development Signed

5 Apr 2022 by The Water Diplomat
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia

Local farmers in Cambodia have been facing growing threats to their livelihoods with many unable to access water for irrigation because of drought conditions coupled with a rising demand for land and hydropower developments.

The lower water levels in the Mekong tributaries have also affected the livelihoods of regional fishermen. An estimated 65 million people depend on adequate flow in the Mekong for their livelihoods.

The PPWSA revealed that, during the dry season (January to May), river levels must reach 3 meters to allow for the water to be pumped to its treatment facilities

The PPWSA is confident that the supply of clean water in Cambodia’s capital will increase to adequate levels following the completion of several water treatment plants at the beginning of 2023.

On 7 March, PPSWA signed a contract with Japanese consortium KKKCT to construct a new water treatment plant. The $30 Million USD project includes construction of a new water treatment facility and expansion of water supply and distribution networks in Takhmao city and its suburbs.

Funding for the development is provided through grants offered by JICA.

The treatment plant is expected to produce about 3,000 cubic metres per day.

Naro has expressed optimism that the issue will be resolved in the next couple of years: “We will have enough clean water for use then. In early 2024 at the latest, we guarantee that there will be no water issue in Phnom Penh anymore”.

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