About The Water Diplomat

About The Water Diplomat

"The Water Diplomat" seeks to mainstream water news at the intersections between water, peace and security.

We provide a free news and intelligence resource produced by The water Diplomat and the Geneva Water Hub.

Our news publication, launched in August 2019, distributed monthly by email, is part of a media platform developed to engage our world in understanding the intersects among water, peace, conflict and diplomacy.

To date we have produced more than 900 water news articles with this aim.

The Water Diplomat media platform builds upon the work of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace that produced in 2017 the milestone report “A Matter of Survival”.

We publish news and intelligence associated with themes of the Panel’s report, contributing to global awareness on hydropolitical challenges worldwide.

Our publisher is The water Diplomat as part of a collaboration with the Geneva Water Hub.

The water Diplomat is the world's leading publisher of current international water, and water-related news and intelligence.

Geneva Water Hub is a centre of excellence on hydropoltics and hydrodiplomacy whose mandate is to build bridges to prevent and resolve water-related conflicts, promoting the use of water as an instrument of peace.

Our aim is built on two principal foundations:

  • We seek to improve public understanding of the prevention and reduction of conflicts related to water.
  • We strive to facilitate hydrodiplomacy by drawing attention to water issues as a vehicle for the promotion of cooperation and peace.

Public awareness and engagement with policy thought leaders and actors are crucial to the achievement of global objectives on water and peace.

Media, particularly news media, are key to calling global attention to water issues, working with relevant stakeholders, stimulating public debate, and contributing to constructive dialogue.

Media can act as a knowledge broker, building bridges, facilitating new flows of information, shifting narratives towards collaboration and increasing awareness of co-dependency on shared resources.  

Our mission is informed by the recommendations of the High-Level Panel on Water and Peace contained in its 2017 report “A Matter of Survival”; we collaborate with with the Global Observatory on Water and Peace, which implements the recommendations of that panel.

We encourage sharing of water news published by The Water Diplomat! 

The Water Diplomat is an independent news provider and resource - reportage and views are not representative statements by The water Diplomat, Inc or the Geneva Water Hub.