Egypt Signs Cooperation Protocol With Netherlands

Technology And Research Cooperation Top Priorities

12 May 2022 by The Water Diplomat
CAIRO, Egypt

A new protocol between Egypt and the Netherlands sets out the areas of “cooperation” and knowledge-sharing between the two countries in the field of water resource management and bilateral technical cooperation.

Of key interest is strengthening areas of planning and management; specifically, implemention of principles of integrated management of water resources stipulated in Egypt's 2037 National Water Resources Plan, optimal use and sustainable management of water resources, and raising the efficiency of water usage.

Technical “cooperation” includes sharing agricultural wastewater reuse methodologies and deployment of modern technologies. Cooperation also applies to sharing applied research on water treatment, modern irrigation systems, and drainage systems. Capacity building and assessment of social impact of projects is also included in the protocol.

Efforts to modernise agricultural practices, conserve water, and improve both quantity and quality have been stepped up considerably in the past few years. Egypt’s annual demand for water is estimated to be about  114 billion cubic meters, while the available water resources amount to 74 billion cubic meters of which 90% is derived from the Nile River.

Egypt is expecting a shortage in its water share as Ethiopia begins operating the Grand Ethipian Renaissance Dam during the rainy season this year.

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