100 Years Of Water Diplomacy

Finnish-Russian Transboundary Cooperation Examined

24 Feb 2022 by The Water Diplomat
ESPOO, Finland

New research from Aalto University presents a detailed case study on the development of Finnish-Russian transboundary water cooperation over the past century.

The study separates transboundary water cooperation and water diplomacy, sets the political context, and assesses the interstate relationship over the past century. There is a particular emphasis on the post-World War II events.

The authors suggest that this special relationship is important in that the agreed water cooperation agreements and reciprocal compensation mechanisms were precedent-setting.

The research acknowledges that water diplomacy actors, institutional developments, broader political environs, and historical occurrences have ultimately led to the current cooperative setting. It also examines societal trends that have had an important influence on crafting transboundary solutions.

Importantly, the research confirms that the contributions of both political commitment and technical expertise over a long period of time have enabled the establishment of the cooperative self-governing environment.

The research further asserts that analysis of historical and societal trends creates a context for examination of current practices and establishes a basis to understand current transboundary water cooperation.

Read full report here.