UK Funds Pakistan Water Governance Programme

Fairer Access In Light Of Reduced Snow Fall And Consequent Drought

15 Nov 2021 by The Water Diplomat
Islamabad, Pakistan

The UK has pledged during COP26 to send $74 Million USD to Pakistan to help tackle climate change.

The British High Commission in Islamabad disclosed that part of the money will specifically fund a five year water governance programme that will aim to achieve fairer access to water across the country, as around 85 Percent of people in Pakistan are currently without access to clean drinking water.

The British High Commissioner, Christian Turner, said: “This £55 Million GBP new funding will ensure Pakistan becomes more resilient to [the] impacts [of climate change]. More sustainable water use will improve lives and livelihoods.”

Pakistan is ranked as one of the top 10 countries in the world with the lowest access to safe, clean water and about 40 Percent of all deaths in the country are attributed to drinking contaminated water. 

The Commissioner added: “For Pakistan, climate change could be catastrophic.” Further, it has been announced that climate change had been responsible for drying up the valley in Parachinar City, which iscurrently providing water for the surrounding towns.

The droughts have been attributed to a lack of snow over the winter 2021, which, in turn, is attributed to rising global temperatures. This has been the record lowest snowfall in Parachinar in 60 years.

Ten Million USD will be sent to Pakistan by the UK before the end of this year to help the country achieve its climate change objectives.