Scotland Opens Hydro Nation Virtual Pavilion At COP26

Tune In To View 6 Action Areas

1 Nov 2021 by The Water Diplomat
GLASGOW, United Kingdom

As Glasgow hosts COP26, the Scotland, Hydro Nation Virtual Water Pavilion ( highlights how Scotland is working across our water sector, to respond to the challenges of climate change.

Scotland’s Hydro Nation strategy supports the statutory duty placed on Scottish Ministers to ensure “the development of the value of Scotland's water resources". In the context of climate change, this means that we recognise the importance of responsible stewardship of our water resources to deliver an innovative water sector that supports a flourishing low-carbon economy, promotes vibrant communities and the environment, and plays a crucial role in international development support.

The Hydro Nation Virtual Experience highlights some key examples of this activity and features six tours themed on key areas of Scotland’s Hydro Nation delivery. Please take some time to explore the content and take in Scotland’s iconic water landscapes.

  • The Hydro Nation Chair

Discover how the work of Scotland’s first Hydro Nation Chair, Professor Andrew Tyler, research leader fellows and Hydro Nation Partners will help Scotland’s water sector achieve and go beyond Net Zero emissions.

  • Scottish Water – Net Zero

Learn more about the efforts of Scotland’s publicly owned water utility to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2040.

  • Blue-Green Infrastructure

Explore the Blue-Green agenda and how Scotland is responding to the complex challenges of surface water flooding.

  • Knowledge

Highlights the contribution of the knowledge and research sector in supporting water policy to delivery better societal and environmental outcomes.

  • International

Learn more about Scotland’s work with key international partners on key water issues aligned with our Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Water Sector Innovation

Discover how Scotland supports innovation in the water sector that contributes to reducing emissions and the development of a low-carbon economy.

You will also find a planner and information on key waters-related events at the conference to assist you in planning your COP26 around water. 

The Hydro Nation Virtual Water Pavilion can be found at

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