Watch: Water Security Under Climate Change

The Senate Room, University of Glasgow

21 Oct 2021 by The Water Diplomat
GLASGOW, United Kingdom


Given the multidimensional, multi-sectoral and multi-issues nature of water security under climate change, Prof Asit K. Biswas and Prof Cecilia Tortajada hosted a 1½-day hybrid meeting on the topic, with the support of the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Government at the Senate Room, University of Glasgow, 28-29 October.

Recorded video footage of the live-streamed occasion is viewable at the following links:

INTRODUCTORY SESSION - Thursday 28 October

For this high-level forum, speakers included Ministers, heads of international organisations, leading figures from public and private sectors, eminent academics from different parts of the world, from different disciplines, to share their views on the problems and their likely solutions.

The majority of the invited speakers contributed papers. These have just been published by Springer Nature as a book: Water Security under Climate Change (

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