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Wishing You All The Best For The Forthcoming WWF In Dakar


In advance of 9th World Water Forum, 21 -26 March in Dakar, a long-term friend of The water Diplomat sent an email message to his contacts. With permission of the author, it is our pleasure to include the contents of the email in this issue of The Water Diplomat.

The best of luck to you all and please stay safe during your travels and discussions.

Kathleen Morris, Director of Operations


From the banks of  the Nile with love.

Dear colleagues,

The WWF is in sight. Congrats to Senegal!

- Your job is not easy: the forum was first postponed because of COVID and now the world is looking elsewhere.

- I trust you, because you will:

o   strive for the best and it will pay off!;

o   put your head down and work with pride on whatever is in front of you during the coming weeks;

o   not take credit for your successes, nor truly blame others for their failures;

o   be intellectually rigorous;

o   acknowledge nuance;

o   be humble.

- While in Dakar, you will all have an opportunity to inspire someone around you, never miss that opportunity!

- Trust me, your work will be recognized;

- Have no regrets on 27th March!

Best to all of you!


Johan Gély

Swiss Cooperation Office

Juba, South Sudan