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International Water Law and Transboundary Water Cooperation

26 Mar 2024

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika, located in the heart of East Africa, is an exceptional ecosystem with a surface area of 32,900 km² - an area larger than Belgium. It is the deepest African lake (w...

3 Apr 2024

Legal status obtained for conservation of Croatia’s Mrežnica and Tounjčica Rivers

In early March, Croatia’s Karlovac County Assembly officially confirmed the protection of the Mrežnica and Tounjčica rivers and the establishment of two new protected areas. The tw...

3 Apr 2024

Authors from the Center for International Development and Environmental Research and the Institute for Advanced International Studies have published a policy brief on the impact of...

8 Mar 2024

Troubled Waters - Recent Challenges to the 1970 US-Mexico Boundary Treaty

In a research paper published by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy on the 8th of February, Professor Stephen Mumme and researcher Regina Buono analyse recent chal...

6 Mar 2024

Initiative to restore part of Indus River Basin named as UN World Restoration Flagship

An initiative to restore more than 30 per cent of Pakistan’s Indus River Basin by 2030 has been named one of seven UN World Restoration Flagships. Announced ahead of the 6th sessio...

4 Mar 2024

European Green Deal

The absence of a clear date for the announcement of a European Water Resilience Initiative, expected in mid-March 2024, has raised fears amongst environmental groups and water expe...

Water in Armed Conflict and other situations of violence

29 Mar 2024

Resurgence of Violence in Eastern DRC increases risk of epidemics in the Kivus

A resurgence of violence on the border between North and South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo has led to a large new wave of internally displaced people arriving in Goma ...

25 Mar 2024

2024 World Water Development Report dedicated to Water for Prosperity and Peace

The 2024 World Water Development Report Water for Prosperity and Peace was launched on the 22nd of March - World Water Day - explores water’s capacity to unite people and serve as ...

5 Apr 2024

Director of Danish Water Industries

This year’s theme for the World Water Day was been “Water for peace”. This is a powerful signal because it is time to include water when we think about security. Unequal access to ...

1 Mar 2024

Interview with Action Against Hunger on the humanitarian situation in Rafah

The Water Diplomat has received feedback from Action Against Hunger on the humanitarian situation in Rafah following the development of complex and difficult conditions for humanit...

5 Mar 2024

Battle for truth

The Stockholm Hub on Environment, Climate and Security has published an insightful policy note on the impact of information influencing campaigns on the decision-making environment...

31 Jan 2024

Water Sanitation and Hygiene in SA Genocide case against Israel

On the 26th of January, the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to take prompt and decisive action to address the living conditions of the Palestinian people living in Ga...

7 Dec 2023

Girl fetching water

On the 22nd and 23rd of November a workshop was held in Geneva to discuss the call for a global alliance to spare water from armed conflicts. The overarching objective of the envis...

30 Oct 2023

Water Integrity Network initiates petition to stop weaponization of water

On October 20th, the Water Integrity Network initiated a petition to the United Nations through to stop the weaponization of water in all forms of conflict. The ‘weaponi...

19 Oct 2023

destroyed infrastructure in Ukraine

In an article published in late September in Earth’s Future , researchers Peter Gleick, Viktor Vyshnevskyi and Serhii Shevchuk provide an overview of the consequences of the Russia...

7 Sep 2023

Sudan Update: The Water Diplomat Speaks to Action Against Hunger

Tobias Schmitz: From your perspective, what is the current status of the conflict and which areas are currently affected: has this changed geographically since mid-May? Paloma ...

Knowledge Based, Data-Driven Decision Making

2 Apr 2024

Water Flow Diagram of Santa Maria Bulacan, Philippines

In a paper published in the journal Frontiers in Water , a research team led by the Department of Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development at the Swiss Federal Institute o...

3 Apr 2024

Zai Pit for Rainwater harvesting

Water resources constitute the most significant natural resource for the survival of humankind and the socio-economic development of nations. The relevant knowledge of water resour...

4 Apr 2024

New article explores transboundary water conflict and cooperation trends

A study published on the 7th of March in the journal Water International explores findings and evolution in thinking on transboundary water conflict and cooperation over the last t...

1 Mar 2024

First ever report on the status of migratory species reveals critical decline of freshwater species

In the context of the 14th Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS, which entered into force in 1983), the f...

22 Feb 2024


In an article published in the influential magazine Nature on the 14th of February, a group of 25 researchers have warned that up to 47% of the Amazon Forest is unstable and could ...

12 Jan 2024

New study shows concentrations of microplastics in drinking water are much higher than expected

A study published on the 8th of January in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has shown that the concentration of micro- and nano- plastic particles in drinking wa...

30 Jan 2024

Rapid Handpump Repair strongly reduces diarrhea amongst children

A 2024 study has found that rapid handpump repair has a powerful effect on the reduction of diarrhoea amongst children. The study, conducted in Kwale County, Kenya, found that diar...

10 Nov 2023

Improving water management for rural development within the 2030 Agenda

Three-quarters of the world's poorest people live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihoods as well as on access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene...

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Finance for water cooperation

2 Apr 2024

The Green Climate Fund: Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Water in Barbados as an adaptation measure

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) recognises the urgent need for a comprehensive, innovative approach to water security. It emphasizes – amongst others through its call to action - that...

5 Apr 2024

Investing in watersheds: A New African Water Fund in Sierra Leone

A new water fund in Sierra Leone is the latest addition to a series of African Water Funds which invest in the protection of water towers for long term water security of the contin...

5 Feb 2024

Katse Dam Overspilling

South Africa’s Water Reuse Programme, a U.S. $ 1.5 billion project developed in partnership with the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) and ot...

6 Mar 2024

AfDB and Lake Chad Basin Commission sign MOU to rehabilitate the Lake Chad Basin

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) have signed an agreement to rehabilitate and restore the Lake Chad Basin. The agreement was signed in ...

10 Oct 2023

Urban Water Catalyst Initiative about to commence implementation

The Urban Water Catalyst Initiative (UWCI), an initiative announced at the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York in March this year, is on the point of supporting its first utilitie...

National and Local News

4 Apr 2024

Dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over Cauvery River Water reemerges amid drought

The dispute over the allocation of the waters of the Cauvery River in India flared up again during March amid an intense drought largely attributed to the El Niño climate phenomeno...

22 Mar 2024

Beit Bridge

On the 14th of March, South Africa’s Minister for Water and Sanitation Minister Senzo Mchunu and Zimbabwe’s Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Dr Anxi...

5 Apr 2024

White House and EPA warn against cyberattacks on water systems

The National Security Advisor and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to all U.S. Governors urging them to secure critical water infrastructure against cyberatta...

6 Mar 2024

Catalonia shortages

Large parts of the northeastern Spanish region ( autonomous community) of Catalonia are suffering their worst drought on record, leading authorities in the region to declare a drou...

5 Mar 2024

Persistent drought causes acute water shortages in Mexico City

Mexico City is facing a severe water shortage following a persistent drought across large parts of the country, with supplies to residents being restricted to several hours a day. ...