Dangerous Levels Of Toxic Chemical Found In Indian Drinking Water

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28 Jul 2022 by The Water Diplomat
DELHI, India

A new study published by the Delhi-based NGO Toxics Link has found high levels of the toxic chemical Nonylphenol in water samples around India. The NGO collected 15 drinking water samples from around the country which were analysed at the Shriram Institute of Industrial Research. The study found levels of Nonylphenol ranging from 29.1 parts per billion (ppb) to 80.5 ppb.

A UK government report published in 1999 stated that the predicted no-effect concentration, the level of concentration of a chemical below which no adverse health impacts are expected I humans, was 0.33 ppb.

Piyush Mohapatra, Senior Programme Coordinator at Toxics Link, said: “Nonylphenol is a toxic chemical and a well-known endocrine disruptor associated with a number of adverse effects on human health. Daily intake of Nonylphenol through drinking water can have adverse health impacts on citizens.”

The study indicated that, while countries like USA, European Union members, Japan or China have adopted legislation to ban or phase out this dangerous chemical, India lack such legislation.

Nonylphenol can be found in detergents and is a byproduct of industrial cleaning processes and there is indication that the chemical is an endocrine disruptor posing considerable risk to human health.

Mr. Satish Sinha, Associate Director at Toxics Link, said: Presence of Nonylphenol, a toxic chemical, in drinking water is of serious concern to human health and will require thorough investigation and creation of suitable standards for nonylphenol in drinking water. This measure will go a long way in ensuring water quality and availability of safe drinking water to citizens.”