Konya Technical University Research May Alleviate Impact On Central Belt Drought

Filtered Wastewater Applied To Crops; Yields Measured

9 Jan 2022 by Local Press Report

In the central Turkish province of Konya, the country’s breadbasket, scientists seek to help farmers boost their crop yields amid a drought. Professor Bilgehan Nas and his team from Konya Technical University have succeeded in using filtered wastewater for cultivating corn.Their work may revive Konya Plain, a vast stretch of land used by thousands of farmers that has faced the threat and consequences of drought, both from climate change and excessive use of water in irrigation due to incorrect farming techniques. Nas says they had higher yields with filtered wastewater compared to well water, “at least by 7%,” He added, though, that the yields were lower in beets when wastewater was applied.

Source: Daily Sabah

Source: Daily Sabah

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