Cross-border Flood Warning Downstream Of Maguga Dam

Heavy Rains Affecting Flood Levels In Komati River

7 Jan 2022 by Local Press Report

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) would like to advise communities next to the Komati River, downstream the Maguga Dam, which is in eSwatini, to be extra cautious as water levels may increase due to the dam overflowing and spilling because of the continuous rainfall. The Maguga Dam is on the Komati River but as stated before it is in the Kingdom of eSwatini and therefore under the care of the government of eSwatini. As part of the shared watercourse between eSwatini and RSA, namely the Komati River, it is a point of interest for the country. On the South African side, the Vygeboom Dam recorded 102,1% and is also spilling, not flooding.

Source: Government of South Africa