AfDB Approves $79 Million USD For Moroccan Drinking Water Projects

Water Production And Water Treatment Facilities Targeted

7 Jan 2022 by The Water Diplomat
RABAT, Morocco

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved $79 Million USD in financing to help improve water security and sustainability throughout Morocco. The funding will support projects that strengthen water production systems and water treatment facilities.

The Project for Strengthening Production and Improving Technical and Commercial Performance of Drinking Water Systems (PRPTC) will provide clean drinking water to over four million people in Missour, Outat El Haj, Meknes and Tissa.

The new project follows on from an earlier 2019 project (The Water Access Sustainability Security Project (PPSAE)) which transfers raw water from the Ghriss and Ibn Battouta dams to treatment centres where it is then distributed to neighbouring provinces including Al Hoceima, Tangier and Beni Mellal.

The new funding comes after the Moroccan government expressed that water scarcity remains one of the county’s pressing issues.

Morocco has historically faced challenges with water treatment and sanitation networks due to lack of an effective infrastructure. The latest injection of money will implement the first phase of the PRPTC project, utilizing water from the Hassan II Dam.

The works include building over 250 km of water pipes and two 1000 cubic meter reservoirs.

A report issued by the AfDB said their funding will: “Execute works related to the Project to Strengthen Drinking Water Supply (DWS) in Missour and Outat El Hajtowns and adjoining municipalities, tapping from the Hassan II Dam.”

Speaking in November 2021, African Development Bank President, Dr Akinwumi A. Adesina said: “We are a people-centered bank – a solutions bank for Africa, and our efforts are being recognized globally.”

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