WMO Pledge For New Hydrology Action Plan

Aspirations to combat water scarcity

2 Nov 2021 by The Water Diplomat
Geneva, Switzerland

In the face of growing global water stress, the Extraordinary World Meteorological Congress has pledged to prioritise water security efforts with the endorsement of a new hydrology action plan, a Water Declaration and the establishment of a new Water and Climate Coalition.

The Water Declaration sets out aspirations to combat water scarcity - which will continue to be further exacerbated by rising global temperatures – and accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (water and sanitation).

On 2 November 2021, Water and Climate Coalition leaders gathered at the United Nations Climate Change conference, COP26, where they stressed the urgent need for an integrated approach to water-climate management, based on increased sharing of data and information to meet SDG 6 and 3 (climate).

"Without good data, climate and water policies are only empty words. Effective action requires knowledge, knowledge requires information, information requires data," said H.E. Mr. János Áder, President of Hungary.

At the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland,  Matthias Berninger, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs & Sustainability at Bayer highlighted the importance of the role of the private sector in combating water stress.

“To tackle the water crisis at a global level, there are three areas of action: first, we need commitment from the private sector. Second, we need overarching political action. Third, and most importantly, we need wide-ranging cooperation. We have a joint responsibility to make this work. If we fail, it is not just a failure for us, but also for future generations” Mr Berninger added.

To tackle future water-related challenges, the WMO’s new hydrology plan identifies target outcomes to WMO’s eight long-term ambitions.

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