Report and Video: Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Impact - Youth Action In The Water And Climate Nexus

Youth In Action - COP26

5 Nov 2021 by The Water Diplomat
GLASGOW, United Kingdom



This COP26 session, hosted at The Water Pavilion in the Blue Zone in Glasgow, took the opportunity to highlight the young leaders that have been creating their own paths in advocacy, innovation and policy connecting water and climate. The session also created a platform for intergenerational experts to dialogue on issues, challenges and expose pathways for youth contribution and collaboration in building resilience in climate through water, such as the Youth for Water and Climate Platform.

Climate change is and will continue to be a defining issue of this era. Young people have been called the “torchbearers” to lead the world down the right path towards a sustainable future. However, leading can come in various forms as the path towards a sustainable future is not one but several paths towards the same destination.  Youth are a heterogenous group. They are mobilising the public and bringing awareness to the issues through advocacy, they are influencing how policies and decisions are made as well as creating innovative solutions to community and global problems. Their contribution to the climate and water nexus is multilayered and diverse.  

PARTERS: Global Water Partnership (GWP); International Secretariat for Water(ISW); World Youth Parliament for Water; (WYPW); GWPCEE; The water Diplomat The water Diplomat.