Climate Change In Scotland: Biden Unleashes The Beast

Helicopters disabled by rain-soaked ground

2 Nov 2021 by The Water Diplomat
Glasgow, Scotland

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

US President Joseph Biden is one of more than 100 world leaders to have gathered in Scotland for crucial talks at COP26 (see other The water Diplomat coverage).

He and key advisors have set up residential-shop at a golf / hotel establishment (which is very nice) close to Edinburgh (40 miles from Glasgow), with a reported-plan that they would helicopter-in for the proceedings and negotiations. 

But, hmm, we've had exceptionally torrential rain in central Scotland in recent days, not conducive to helicopters landing on grass, cos they may sink.

The water Diplomat understands this was a factor in the decision that a 20-plus motorcade took the Leader of the Free World from the Lothians to the COP as Plan B.

Famously, the car that takes POTUS from A to B is known as "The Beast", with impenetrable armoured cladding and a full communications centre onboard.

Scottish people, and particularly those in Glasgow, are holding out very welcoming hands to delegations and all associated with, and interested in this globally important occasion.

Local enthusiasm is palpable, let's see how it goes.

Meantime, advice to Joe:

Welcome here! But set out early, that M8 traffic can be a nightmare!