Treated Wastewater Boost For Turkey's Lake Meke

Attempt To Reclaim Lake Levels

1 Jun 2021 by Local Press Report

Turkey's Minister of Environment and Urban Planning, Murat Kurum, has announced that a wastewater treatment plant in the Karapınar district where Lake Meke is located will pump about 7,000 cubic metres of water into the underground water resources feeding the lake. The lake will soon be restored to its former glory after drought caused its waters to dry up. The minister said that the use of treated water was low in Turkey at around 5 Percent, and they wanted to increase this rate. “Climate change is expected to cause ‘water wars’ in the 2030s, 2050s and water will be a precious asset. Therefore, we have to focus on reusing existing water resources (through treatment),” he said.

SOURCE: Daily Sabah

Source: Daily Sabah