"Our Children Face Wars Over Food And Water": EU VP

Dire Warning From Timmermans

4 May 2021 by Local Press Report

European Commission VP Frans Timmermans’ warnings reflect a growing concern among climate experts that politicians have failed to show people the benefits of a low-carbon society, which include cleaner air and water, more livable cities, and higher levels of health and wellbeing, as well as defusing the climate crisis. Politicians, including Donald Trump and Republicans in the US, have presented tackling climate breakdown as a cost, and many people are fearful for their jobs.

Timmermans has a pivotal role this year, within the EU and globally, as he leads the bloc’s green deal, intended to transform the European economy to a low-carbon footing, and leads the bloc’s climate efforts at COP26, vital UN climate talks to be hosted by the UK in Glasgow this November. Source: The Guardian

Source: The Guardian