Mineral Water Company Blamed For Local Water Shortages

Corporate Extraction Blamed For Low Water Levels

25 May 2021 by Local Press Report

The lush volcanic hills surrounding Volvic in central France have long been a source of mineral water prized worldwide, but locals and geologists warn that too much is now being pumped out, putting the entire region at risk. Since 2014, the government has allowed Danone to bottle up to 2.8 million cubic metres a year -- or 2.8 billion one-litre bottles. Robert Durand, a geologist, said that the average flow rate at the Volvic source had fallen to 50 litres per second, far below the 470 litres per second measured in 1927. Water shortages are already impacting the region's biodiversity by reducing the natural humidity of the forested hills.

SOURCE: France 24

Source: France 24