13 Mar 2023

Cyclone Freddy makes second landfall

On the 13th of March, Reuters reported a death toll of 60 people in Mozambique and Malawi from cyclone Freddy, which returned to land after it had reached the coast of Madagascar o...

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The Road to New York

9 Mar 2023

Experts warn that UN Water Conference does not build sufficiently on Mar del Plata

A recent article by prominent water experts warns that the upcoming UN Water Conference does not build sufficiently on lessons from its highly successful predecessor, the UN Water ...

4 Mar 2023

Child drinking water

Interview with Catarina de Albuquerque 27/02/2023 Chief Executive Officer, UN-hosted Sanitation and Water for All global partnership Tobias Schmitz: For those people who...

1 Mar 2023

Hearing the Unheard for the UN Water Action Agenda

The UN 2023 Water Conference (UN Water 2023) will take place in March at the UN Headquarters in New York. It has been 46 years since a UN Water Conference was last held. The vision...

10 Mar 2023

Resilient Cities Network launches water resilience program ahead of UN Water Conference

Water resilience is becoming an increasingly important topic for urban centers around the world. Withclimate change exacerbating water-related challenges such as floods, droughts, ...

International Water Law and Transboundary Water Cooperation

8 Mar 2023

The UN Water Conference and International Water Law

Tobias Schmitz: In a recent article in the International Journal of Water Resources Development, Professors Asit Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada argue that the upcoming UN Water Confe...

8 Mar 2023

Vanuatu’s fight for climate justice goes to the Hague

105 of the 193 member states have supported Vanautu’s call to request that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) provide clarification on the obligations of states to protect th...

24 Feb 2023


A new report launched by UN Water on the 16th of February reviews the range of targets and indicators across Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) on water and sanitation and revie...

Water in Armed Conflict and other situations of violence

4 Mar 2023

Progress made in documenting damage to water resources and infrastructure in Ukraine

A year into the war in Ukraine, progress is being made in documenting the damage to waterresources and infrastructure, although many gaps still remain. The Ukrainian government ...

17 Feb 2023

Health risks in Türkiye and Syria due to lack of functional water and sanitation systems

The earthquake that struck in Türkiye and Syria on the 6th of February has destroyed water and sanitation infrastructure in a wide region. Since then, areas in both countries affec...

2 Mar 2023

Peace and Water: GOWP brief calls for urgent rethinking of approach to water management

The Global Observatory for Water and Peace (GOWP) has released a brief ahead of the upcoming United Nations Mid-Term Review Conference in March 2023, highlighting the urgent need t...

6 Feb 2023

UN Water Conference should refocus WASH sector on survival and protection

An Interview with Dr. Jean Lapegue, Senior WASH Advisor for Action Contre la Faim France Tobias Schmitz: Perhaps you can explain your role within the WASH Road Map and the Call ...

Knowledge Based, Data-Driven Decision Making

2 Mar 2023

'Forever' pollution map of Europe created through collaborative journalism

A collaborative research effort by journalists and media across Europe has resulted in the development of an interactive map of pollution by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PF...

16 Feb 2023

Freshwater biodiversity

A new paper compiled by a group of 22 scientists bundles together a range of high-level expert summaries of the critical benefits to humanity of maintaining freshwater biodiversity...

8 Feb 2023

WRI study

Researchers at the India desk of the World Resources Institute have published a working paper on the effects of expanding built up areas on water bodies, plant cover and permeable ...

18 Jan 2023

Global overview of changes in hydrology

The global water cycle is changing due to the influence of global warming. This is a key conclusion of the Global Water Monitor Summary Report 2022. The report states that overall,...

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Finance for water cooperation

21 Mar 2023

Global Commission

In its March 2023 publication, the Global Commission on the Economics of Water calls for a transformation of the economics and governance of water. Starting from the premise that w...

10 Mar 2023

Growing global water insecurity

Investing financial resources in nature based solutions for water is an essential means to avoid financial risk. In February, the Carbon Disclosure Project sent an open letter to g...

22 Feb 2023

Dominic O'Neill

Tobias Schmitz: The Sanitation and Hygiene Fund is a new UN entity on the international scene. Can you give us some background on the thinking around its emergence? Dominic O’N...

National and Local News

20 Feb 2023

low water levels on the Po River in 2022

Images from the Copernicus Sentinel 2 satellites from February 15th show reduced flow of the Po River in Italy. This is the second year in a row that the Po valley has been affecte...

10 Mar 2023

Decentralised sanitation system can reduce pollution in Nairobi says UN-Habitat official

Effective management of sanitation and wastewater will lessen the pollution load on local water resources in Nairobi and other urban areas of Kenya. The growing challenge in den...

22 Feb 2023

Source: Business Week

Water security in India refers to the availability of adequate and clean water resources to meet the country's growing water demand, while ensuring the sustainability of the water ...

9 Feb 2023


NYANDARUA COUNTY, KENYA – Situated just a few kilometers offKenya’sSasumua Dam is 58 years old Phillis Wanjiru a mother of four children who has defied all the odds to grow crops t...

22 Jan 2023

Atmospheric rivers in California and their responses

Since the 27th of December 2022, following three years of drought which triggered exceptional cutbacks on water allocations throughout the Colorado River basin, the state of Califo...